18 Ways to Fundraise for CancerFree KIDS' Night for the Fight, presented by TQL Foundation

  1. E-mail your family, friends and extended family
  2. Share your fundraising page on your and/or your parents' Facebook pages
  3. Post on your own social media accounts
  4. Pass out flyers around your neighborhood
  5. Ask if your parent's work will have a jeans day for donations
  6. Donate your money from a work shift or a night of babysitting to your own fundraiser
  7. Collect spare change from around your house
  8. Do neighborhood or household chores for donations
  9. Ask your homeroom teacher if you can pass around a change bucket
  10. Sell clothes to Plato’s Closet
  11. Reach out to teachers and coaches
  12. Have a bake sale
  13. Host a restaurant fundraiser
  14. Venmo request people for $1 donations
  15. Give up a Starbucks or Chipotle trip and give the money to your fundraiser
  16. Ask for small weekly donations
  17. Post Venmo Bingo on your Instagram Story
  18. Sell Donatos cards (contact Cindy at cindy@cancerfreekids.org)