How to Log Miles

To track activity, you can use any method or platform available to you- smart phone, smart watch, pedometer, online route measurement site or any other method you choose. View our activity conversion page to convert any activity to miles! Follow the steps below to input your activity manually or sync your activity data from select fitness trackers.

1. Log in to your personal account at (You are here! If you are not logged in, look for the 'Account Login' button in the top right corner.) Click 'Activity Tracking' in the black bar at the top of the page once you are logged in.

Sync with Fitbit and Strava

1. Click the edit pencil in the in the Sync Activity box on the Activity Tracking Page.

2. Choose to sync with Fitbit or Strava. You will be directed to a new page to log in to your account.

Manual Mile Entry

1. Click the green 'Log Activity' button on the Activity Tracking page.

2. Record your number of miles completed, date you completed them and a description of your activity. Don't forget to press 'Save'!