Use these sponsorship levels to help in all your fundraising!

Students can use these sponsorship levels to help in their fundraising. As with all fundraising a student does, 100% of the sponsorship amount will be credited to the student's personal fundraising efforts. 

Click the image above to view/download the student sponsorship brochure. 

Student Sponsorships:

*The donor will receive an email to provide the photo and message for acknowledgement slide.

**The deadline for sponsor signage logo is 2/12/24. deadline for t-shirt logo is 2/2/24.

If you would like to purchase a student sponsorship for a student, please visit (return to the home page) and click the “Donate” button for any donation amount. At the top of the donation page you are directed to, please type the student's name in the text box that says "Search fundraisers and teams." For the student sponsorships scroll down and select the level at which you would like to participate. 100% of all donations will be credited to this student's fundraising efforts.

To learn more about the student sponsorship opportunities contact Lisa Tosh at