Team Captains

Team captains are a diverse group of individuals. They lead teams in honor and in memory of children who have battled childhood cancer, teams of nurses and doctors, teams of teachers and students, teams of community supporters, and teams of coworkers. Because the Butterfly Walk & 5K has been changed to a virtual event, team captains can even lead teams within a neighborhood! Whichever fits your group of Butterfly Walk & 5k participants, we are excited to work with you to coordinate your virtual activities and make a difference in the lives of kids battling childhood cancer.

Our team captains and their dedication to the CancerFree KIDS mission are the reason the Butterfly Walk & 5k is so meaningful for so many. If you are interested in starting a team or have questions, please contact Cari Speed at 

How to lead a team for the Virtual CancerFree KIDS' Butterfly Walk & 5K

  1. Communicate. Make sure your team is aware of the virtual event. The Virtual CancerFree KIDS' Butterfly Walk & 5K is a week-long event from May 9 through May 17. Individuals and families can choose the day that works best for them to walk or run to celebrate, honor and remember those who have battled childhood cancer. 
  2. Register. Check that everyone participating on your team is registered. Even though the event is virtual, we still want to know the impact that our participants are having in the community! Direct all unregistered individuals to to to register as a virtual participant.
  3. Fundraising Optional. The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all. Those battling childhood cancer are still in desperate need of our support. We are truly grateful if your team members are able to make a gift or fundraise during this time but we understand there are many who have been financially or otherwise impacted during these challenging times. We invite everyone to join us in our fight against childhood cancer in whatever way that is most appropriate for them, there is no financial obligation to participation.
  4. T-shirts. One way for participants to contribute to the event is to purchase t-shirts for themselves and/or their families. Direct your team members to to purchase Butterfly Walk & 5K t-shirts for $20/shirt. Participants who raise $50 on their page will automatically receive a t-shirt and do not need to order at this link. Orders placed on or before April 27 will be delivered by May 9, the first day of the Virtual Butterfly Walk & 5K.
  5. Coordinate your team's activities. To add some extra fun to our Virtual Butterfly Walk & 5K we are asking participants to amplify their experience with a craft or activity. Encourage your team members to decorate their walking route with chalk drawings of butterflies, pinwheels and your team name, decorate a tree or their front door with butterflies and pinwheels, or do a butterfly or pinwheel craft with their kids throughout the week!
  6. Share with CancerFree KIDS! Ask your team members to take photos and videos of their walk, run, crafts and activities. They can tag us in their posts (@CancerFree KIDS on Facebook, @cancerfreekids on Twitter, or @cancerfreekids on Instagram) or send their photos and videos to Cari Speed at
Thank you for being a Virtual CancerFree KIDS' Butterfly Walk & 5K Team Captain! We can't wait to see your team walking and running for childhood cancer research during the week of May 9-17!