Team Captains

Butterfly Walk & 5K Team Captains are individuals who are passionate about the CancerFree KIDS mission and are excited to lead their team fundraising in the months leading up to the event. Create your team now to invite friends, family, co-workers and anyone in your community to join you on this amazing day!

We encourage our participants and teams to set a fundraising goal to support CancerFree KIDS in our mission to fund life-saving childhood cancer research. This is where our amazing team captains come in. Our team captains, along with support from CancerFree KIDS, will facilitate their team's fundraising, inspire their group members and ultimately, help meet and exceed individual and team goals. 

Team captains are a diverse group of individuals. They lead teams in honor and in memory of children who have battled childhood cancer, teams of nurses and doctors, teams of teachers, teams of community supporters, and teams of corporate sponsors. Whichever fits your group of Butterfly Walk & 5k attendees, we are excited to work with you to make a difference in the lives of kids battling childhood cancer.

Our team captains and their dedication to the CancerFree KIDS mission are the reason the Butterfly Walk & 5k is so meaningful for so many. If you are interested in starting a team or have questions, please contact Cari Speed at