Directions, Drop Off/Pick Up and Parking Information at 5/3 Arena at the University of Cincinnati.

Instructions for Dropping off and Picking Up Students:  MAP

We encourage students to have someone drive them to and from this event. Driving home in the morning after staying up all night can be hazardous. We also encourage you to carpool as much as possible to reduce the amount of traffic, as there will be 1000 students and 300 volunteers coming to the arena at once.

For the Drop Off/Pick Up Location, there will be signs directing you. The location originates from Jefferson Ave. You can put intersection of West University and Jefferson Avenue in your GPS (or click on link below) to get you to the right area, then follow signs and directions below. 

LINK TO GOOGLE MAPS for drop off/pick up directions

Drop Off/Pick Up Location: From Jefferson Ave. turn into campus on West University, then turn left onto Commons Way (through round about). Allow students out on Commons Way then proceed cautiously left onto West Daniels Street.

For Pick Up please coordinate a pick up spot with your student(s). You may park along Commons Way and West Daniels Street. Due to construction, parking on Jefferson Ave and West Charlton Street is not available.


Parking: Corry Parking Garage. Fees to be paid by individuals. We have a $5 discounted parking voucher that can be purchased inside the venue.  

For those needing to park their car, put Corry Garage in GPS or click on link below: 

LINK TO GOOGLE MAPS - Corry Parking Garage

Please enter Corry Garage from the Scioto Lane entrance.

UC is giving our guests a discounted rate of $5 to park overnight. To get the discounted rate, you will need to purchase the $5 parking voucher inside the arena.  Everyone will take a regular ticket from the machine upon entering and either pay the regular rate when you exit the garage ($10 or more depending on exact time – credit card accepted by machine at exit.) or purchase the $5 voucher from CancerFree KIDS staff inside venue. You will be able to purchase the $5 parking voucher using cash, venmo or credit card. Leave the ticket you take upon entering the garage in your car, you will need this and either the $5 voucher purchased at the event or a credit card to exit.