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About Team CancerFree KIDS

No matter your activity- running, walking, biking, swimming, rowing, climbing, dancing- do it to support childhood cancer research!

You can turn any race or event into a fundraiser for CancerFree KIDS. Simply click "Create a Page" and start reaching out to your friends and family to support you as you train. It's that easy!

Participating in an event with a group? Create a team and you can all fundraise together!

Thank you for giving kids a chance to grow up!

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Our work depends on you. Make a difference by turning your activities into fundraising campaigns to help raise awareness and funds for CancerFree KIDS.

Fundraising is easy. Create a Personal Campaign in just a few steps:

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  2. Set up and customize your campaign page.
  3. Spread the word and invite people to donate!


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