About the Event

Your student will join students from over 50 high schools for our first ever Night for the Fight: Fight Week to raise money for CancerFree KIDS to fund life-saving childhood cancer research. In 2021, we have introduced N4TF Fight Week, a weeklong event of challenges in the Fight Week app, to continue to provide an interactive and exciting experience for our students while also following local health and safety guidelines.

Your Student's Requirements

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

Things to Note

Safety measures 

Our first ever Night for the Fight: Fight Week has been implemented to protect the health and safety of our student participants, volunteers, staff and all individuals associated with Night for the Fight. For those familiar with our event in the past, we recognize the impossibility of implementing COVID-19 safety protocols and social distancing at our traditional overnight event. We are looking forward to this year's Fight Week, which will continue to provide an interactive experience for our students to have fun while raising money for life-saving childhood cancer research.